Rob Huff

Als je geen coureur bent, wat doe je dan?

Not sure I can answer that… definitely involved in motorsport somewhere!

Heb je pre-race bijgeloof?

No I don’t - people do like left glove before right glove but the only thing I do is make sure I get in the right side of the car where the steering wheel is!

Favoriete racecircuit?

Maccau, 8 times winner…

Wie bewonder je?

My Dad! He’s an inspiration to me, he’s hardworking, he’s a grafter, we knew nothing about motorsport whatsoever and somehow his son has made a 15 year career out of it so, without my Dad I’d be nowhere.


Curry! And Mum’s roast beef, but can depend on the weather!

In welke andere serie zou je willen racen?

V8 Supercars in Australia - proper cars, proper championship, proper racing!

Met welke straatauto rijd je?

Nissan GTR

Rob Huff

Meest memorabele racemoment?

Winning the World Championship in Maccau in 2012 – I crashed in the first race, it was all a little bit on the edge should we say, I had to finish 6th in the second race and the for the first half of it race I was in P10, so I had a bit of a word with myself, finished P2 and won the Championship - it was a life changing moment.

Heb je tattoo's, zo ja welke en waar (wees eerlijk!)?

None! I thought about it when I won the World Championship, I think it will be original in the future ‘not’ to have any… a blank canvas thing!